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“Africa is an awesome continent, and there is incredible energy in Africa. It’s the continent of the future. You see that in the Christian Church… We are beginning to see the missionary movement of the African Church… I believe that as the African Church is encouraged, helped, developed, expanded and discipled, so you will see Africa, sometime in the twenty first century, become a major fulcrum of mission” (Michael Cassidy)

“African Enterprise have made, under God, a real contribution in South Africa” (Archbishop Desmond Tutu)

“What endears me to Michael Cassidy more than anything is his passion for the Lord Jesus Christ” (Angus Buchan, author of Faith Like Potatoes)

“I’ve learned that prayer involves listening as much as talking, aligning us with what God wants done in the world more than what we want God to do for us. Michael Cassidy’s life models that principle” (Phillip Yancey, author of What’s so Amazing about Grace?)

“Michael Cassidy has lived a life of Christian nobility, and numberless people are in the embrace of Christ’s love because of his faithful efforts…” (Gordon MacDonald, Chancellor, Denver Seminary)

It is always a joy for me to recommend this ministry of evangelism

Billy Graham


“God is on the move in Africa. All the way from South Africa to Cairo we are are seeing God’s work…” (Stephen Mbogo, AE International Team Leader, CEO)

Michael Cassidy and Friends Legacy Foundation

The Michael Cassidy and Friends Legacy Foundation was initiated by friends of Michael Cassidy led by Dr John Tooke and approved by the International Board of African Enterprise as an initiative to secure, foster and multiply the considerable contribution that Michael has made to the advance of the Kingdom of God in Africa and further afield.

The initial project of the Foundation is to gather and curate Michael’s considerable archive and that of his friends where their work overlapped. The purpose of this is to provide a significant resource and source of inspiration to the next generation of Christian leaders who seek to advance the rule of God in every sphere of life.

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Gifts to the Michael Cassidy and Friends Legacy Foundation will be used to inspire the next generation to take up the baton being handed on by Michael and his Friends.