Coming from a loving and supportive family Michael Cassidy had clear and positive perceptions about marriage. However, as his ministry developed and he saw how much time needed to be invested into marriage counselling, Michael saw that there were high levels of dysfunction and crisis in marriage and family.

Believing marriage to be an essential building block of society, Michael crafted much of his teaching around marriage with his own journey with his wife, Carol, producing deeper understanding of how marriage can and should work.

In response to this evident need Michael wrote a series of twelve letters to a young couple with advice on marriage preparation, including matters such as dreams of a happy marriage, romance, courtship, legalities, sex, finances, in-laws, the wedding day, honeymoon and how to face obstacles to healthy marriage.

As the issue of Same-Sex Marriage became pertinent in South Africa, Michael Cassidy convened the Marriage Alliance to contest this principle. Nevertheless, the South African Parliament was one of the first in the world to proceed with legislation giving support to this form of marriage.

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