The strong tradition of congregation formation founded on the temple, the synagogue and the house meeting accents the truth that the Church is essentially an assembly of believers. The idea of the pastor and teacher (and deacons and elders) chosen to nurture ecclesial gathering arose as the Church was planted. Under Emperor Constantine the focus on serving gave way to a more ruling aspect where leadership became more magisterial, hence the connotation to clergy.

Historically the ‘local church’ has been seen as the pre-eminent expression of Church and the minister and pastor the primary agency of this form of assembly. Quite naturally the wider ministries of the apostle, the prophet and the evangelist became somewhat disassociated from the present congregational model in many instances.

Michael Cassidy with his wide perspective on apostolicity, evangelism and prophetic interest offers much to enrich the minister and pastor in their fuller understanding of what has become known as the five-fold ministry, all necessary to equip believers for life and ministry.

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