It is an old adage that human beings are born with a capacity to learn, much like a blank whiteboard that awaits an inscription. Our learning begins with small factual information gathered through our senses, and moves to more elaborate knowledge of complexities and information. A good deal of Michael Cassidy’s early life was lived as a student away from his home, including primary and secondary schools and graduate and post-graduate studies at Cambridge and Fuller Seminary in the United States. He has a considerable personal library that demonstrates a life of enquiry to gather truth and wisdom for faith and life.


Michael attended Michaelhouse, which is one of South Africa’s finest secondary schools. Although this experience came with difficulties and challenges, he was able to enter deeply into the life of the school and came to understand the ethos and culture. The religious training of the boys was left to a school chaplain and Michael was introduced, along with academic, cultural and social transformation, to the objections that boys had to the Christian faith. These experiences equipped Michael to lead school missions with wisdom and passion in later years. He has had many opportunities to return to his alma mater, as well as many other private and public schools in South Africa, England and Australia. Helpful material for young people appears in book and audio format.


It was quite by chance during a period of volunteer work with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that Michael was advised to consider studying at Fuller Theological Seminary. He found great encouragement among the academic faculty in defining his theological understanding and the practise of preaching. The time spent in preparation for ministry at Fuller gave him an essential grounding in Christian fundamentals and reflection that was extremely effective in the evangelistic opportunities that followed in his life. It was there that he began to shape the direction of African Enterprise. Charles Fuller, the founder of the seminary, became a guide and mentor for Michael, designating some of the Fuller Board to stand with him in the early stages of the work. Michael’s skill at internalising concepts and ideas enabled him to have his own approaches to theology that were expressed in clear and readable formulations.

University Students

Cambridge University was the setting for Michael’s conversion and calling. A friend studying law led him to Christ on campus, but it was Billy Graham’s visit to Cambridge that convinced the young student that large-scale evangelism of African cities was the way to reach people and became part of the core methodology of African Enterprise. It was at Cambridge that Michael connected with the thinking of scholarly Anglican evangelicals like John Stott and married the need for heart and mind to be bound together in proclamation. The inspiration of C.S Lewis and Francis Schaeffer grew in Michael an interest in Christian apologetics that later became the focal point for many of African Enterprise’s university missions. These outreaches used a series of symposia on controversial topics that highlighted the Christian position as a means of reaching inquiring minds.

Youth Groups

Human beings are designed in such a way that the normal capacity to think rationally only arises at puberty. Complicating this new capacity to understand and commit to life and destiny is the rise of emotions fuelled by hormonal changes, as well as shifts in the point of reference from parents to peers. The struggle to locate oneself with all that the world throws at one is very real and challenging for teens. Church youth groups have an extremely important role to play in providing a metaphoric compass to young people on their journey. The resources of this web page are many and varied that will help in the mentoring of young believers in their life and faith.

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