The Friends

Apart from his relationship with God, Michael Cassidy’s friendship with Festo Kivengere was the primary driver for much of their joint ministry through African Enterprise. Yet over the decades┬áthere were a significant number of friends who influenced and inspired Michael Cassidy in his life and work. We have divided them into two main categories – Influencing Friends and Inspirational Friends.

Michael defines Influencing Friends as that circle of Christian leaders, significant peer group members, and senior role models who one way or another affected his life, thinking, theological convictions and ministry strategies in a deep and significant way.

Michael defines Inspirational Friends as that group of Christian leaders beyond his wonderful African Enterprise team colleagues (who are catalogued elsewhere) whose own lives, ministries and writings inspired him constantly to do better, to press onward and upward in his calling and who prevented him from flagging and giving up at various points along the way when life and ministry became excessively tough, discouraging or difficult.

Many of Michael’s closest friends were his colleagues in African Enterprise. They are included in the history of African Enterprise.