British theologian, priest, and Christian apologist Michael Green has had a significant influence on Michael Cassidy’s life since they met at Cambridge University where they were both studying in the sixties. Michael invited him to the South African Congress on Mission and Evangelism in Durban in 1973 and they have been firm friends ever since. Author of more than 50 books, Green’s writings have played an influential role in Michael’s life and his theological position on many issues resound with Michael’s.

Recommended Reading:

  • Evangelism in the Early Church
  • “But Don’t All Religions Lead to God?”
  • Evangelism Through the Local Church
  • I Believe in the Holy Spirit
  • I Believe in Satan’s Downfall
  • Adventure of Faith: Reflections on Fifty Years of Christian Service
  • Man Alive! (revised as: The Day Death Died)
  • Runaway World
  • When God Breaks In


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