Philip Yancey describes himself as an “author, thinker, climber”! He has won 13 Gold Medallion Awards from Christian publishers and booksellers for his many books and currently has more than 15 million books in print, published in 35 languages worldwide. Yancey worked as a journalist in Chicago for some twenty years, editing the youth magazine Campus Life while also writing for a wide variety of magazines including Reader’s Digest, Saturday Evening Post, National Wildlife, and Christianity Today.

Numbers of Yancey’s books greatly inspired Michael, particularly What’s so Amazing about Grace?The Jesus I Never Knewand A Skeptic’s Guide to Faith (previously titled Rumours of Another World), as well as his charming, penetrating, and often very amusing volume entitled, Church: Why Bother? “I write books for myself,” Yancey says. “I’m a pilgrim, recovering from a bad church upbringing, searching for a faith that makes its followers larger and not smaller. I feel overwhelming gratitude that I can make a living writing about the questions that most interest me. My books are a process of exploration and investigation of things I wonder about and worry about.”

Recommended Reading:

  • What’s so Amazing about Grace?
  • The Jesus I Never Knew
  • Prayer: Does It Make any Difference?
  • Vanishing Grace: What ever Happened to the Good News?
  • Disappointment with God: Three Questions No One Asks Aloud
  • Where Is God when It Hurts?
  • Church: Why Bother?
  • A Skeptic’s Guide to Faith


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