“God has been blessing lives since the great Beginning. He has done it in so many different ways , to so many different people, and at so many different times and places that one would be a fool to claim to be able to understand the whole process or to reduce it to a simple formula… God’s blessing- and what it involves is so vast, so humbling, so unpredictable a topic. Yet such a real one… The Bible is a compendium- a virtual ancient Who’s Who- of lives God has blessed. Different- very different- kinds of people: men and women, older and younger, calm and retiring or feisty and aggressive.” – Gordon MacDonald


Introduction from Michael Cassidy


“When we say, ‘Bless you’ and sign letters, ‘Blessings’ or when we pray that God would ‘bless’ others, what do we mean? What does ‘blessing’ look like and feel like? What are the conditions of being blessed? How do we bless God? How do we bless others? How do we receive God’s blessings?

Why does it seem like God blesses some more than others?

“Here we look at these and other questions relating to the subject of ‘blessings’. May you be blessed by these reflections!”