In late 1992 and throughout 1993 African Enterprise embarked on the enormously significant Kolobe Lodge Dialogue Weekend meetings for some 96 politicians in South Africa from the far left to the far right. As the guests began to spend time together and share their stories with one another stereotypes broke, mythologies were exploded and understanding dawned as to why or how other individuals had reached their political, religious or philosophical conclusions. It did not mean that people agreed with one another’s postures, but they did reach understanding as to how they got there.

Addie van Rensburg, a senior leader in the “Afrikaner Volksunie” later said, “No one will ever know how significant and important were the newly discovered postures and outlooks emanating from Kolobe Lodge as we shared these with General Viljoen and other Right Wing leaders.” Mr Danie Schutte, Minister of Home Affairs and in charge of South Africa’s first democratic elections, was also very deeply affected by his Kolobe Lodge experience. This had considerable consequences later in the 1994 election when Schutte’s role took on critical importance.


Read the full story in Michael Cassidy’s book, A Witness For Ever.


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