In April/May 2015 Michael Cassidy and African Enterprise were asked by physicist and African Enterprise Ministry Associate, Dr Philip Calcott, to host a series of three summits on the issues of science and faith. These involved five world-calibre Christian scientists and around 100 church leaders from around South Africa. The purpose was to address the enormous challenges faced by young people today who step from their churches into schools and onto their campuses and face more often than not an intellectual barrage of anti-Christian sentiment and teaching. This can imperil their faith and belief in the Bible unless they are pre-equipped to cope with this. For example, the notion they can face is that it’s either Science or the Bible, either Evolution or Six-Day Creation, either Dawkins or Christ.



Realising the prevalence of these questions in the lives of many people, especially students, and that the issue has even begun to divide some churches, African Enterprise agreed to host these summits, with Michael Cassidy giving some overall chairing and facilitation. The costs of the summits were covered by the John Templeton Foundation in the USA. Michael Cassidy said that he believed, “some significant insights were gained which bring together both the convictions of biblical faith and the findings of science.”

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