African Enterprise’s mission statement is “Evangelising the cities of Africa through word and deed in partnership with the Church.” So while preaching the Gospel is the core of their being, they dare not forget to preach the Gospel in deed as well. African Enterprise has always felt the need to reach out, not just to people’s souls, but also to their physical needs.

This has been done in many practical ways. For example, African Enterprise South Africa saw the Bonginkosi project, which gave tens of thousands of malnourished school children a meal a day. African Enterprise Uganda helped many children, orphaned during the Idi Amin regime, to find a new home. They also helped many students exiled to other countries to go through university and obtain degrees. African Enterprise Rwanda started its mission by bringing reconciliation between tribes during and after the 1994 genocide.

Currently, social action programmes are related to citywide missions to maintain the focus of evangelism through word and deed. This means that each citywide mission contains an element of social action that has been carefully identified as a main need in that city to which African Enterprise and the local Church can make a unique contribution. The social action programme is used during the mission as a platform for proclamation evangelism, and has the potential to be continued for years to come by the involvement of the local Church.