“Stratified Evangelism” has been a unique and integral part of the African Enterprise ministry right from the start. It basically means going to where the people are. Although the Lord does miraculous works in the lives of those who attend larger evangelistic meetings, it is often the case that those who need to meet with Him most do not find their way to such meetings. African Enterprise is committed to meeting these people with the Good News wherever they are. And so African Enterprise schedules meetings in parks, market places, bus depots, taxi ranks, government offices, hospitals, factories, schools, and in any other places where people gather.

Stratified evangelism seeks to ensure that the Gospel is communicated to all strata of a city’s populace. New believers are discipled by local churches, whose pastors and lay people have been trained in how to effectively disciple them.

African Enterprise, along with many local churches in African cities, has found this a most effective strategy and methodology because one can gear the approach used to the specific target audience. Also, addressing people in reasonably homogeneous groupings makes communication much easier and more effective.