Bible study is difficult—it’s a practice that pays off the more you do it, and it requires a lifelong dedication in order really to see the fruit of it.

Studying the Bible is different to just reading it.  It involves you deeply investing time and attention to what you’re reading.  You may want to have a variety of different Bible commentaries to help you in this or join a bible study group or course. “A text like the Bible will deeply reward that investment: you’ll learn more about ancient history and cultures, you’ll be exposed to challenging moral and philosophical concepts, and most significantly, you’ll come to understand more and more about the character of your Creator and His love for you.  In that respect, you should to be changed by your study of the Bible.”  (

In studying the Bible we must be careful to do it:


  1. Honestly, following the facts where they lead.
  2. Humbly, keeping Jesus’ authority to the fore.
  3. Thoroughly, facing the difficulties too.
  4. Prayerfully, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all things.
  5. Charitably, being gracious to those whose conclusions differ from ours, yet not fearing to hold firm to the truth as we understand it.


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