A Passion for Preaching



(The demanding privilege of Biblical proclamation: My Struggles and Lessons Along the Way)

In Michael Cassidy’s booklet, A Passion for Preaching, he shares how he came to discern and take hold of the Lord’s call on his life to be a preacher of the Christian Gospel. He writes of times of breakthrough and excitement, but also of mortal fear and even physical illness prior to certain nerve-wracking public challenges.

Yet Michael can conclude that: “My path into preaching has been long, arduous and often costly. But I can say with all my heart that not only has it become the most exciting and fulfilling activity of all life but also the most rewarding. To know that many people have found eternal life or been encouraged in their faith by one’s preached word is to know that God still endows this seemingly weakest of enterprises with his special blessing and anointing. If the Church could find a renewal of confidence in the power of biblical preaching it would find that it had stumbled on one of heaven’s greatest keys to spiritual life and growth.”

A Passion for Preaching will be an inspiration and encouragement for all who seek to preach effectively.