There are few authors anywhere whose writings have blessed and challenged Michael Cassidy as much as those of Gordon MacDonald. Although Gordon and Gail MacDonald had a week with Michael in an African Enterprise discipling conference, in reality they never had much more personal time other than that. But they formed a deep friendship and Michael found in Gordon a truly inspirational kindred spirit whose books challenged him profoundly. Most notably Ordering Your Private World, Rebuilding Your Broken World, Restoring Your Spiritual Passion, A Resilient Life, and The Life God Blesses. Michael has read a couple of these several times. Michael has always regretted that he and Gordon lived on separate continents and so could not meet together on a regular basis.

Recommended Reading:

  • Ordering Your Private World
  • Rebuilding Your Broken World
  • Building Below the Waterline: Strengthening the Life of a Leader
  • When Men Think Private Thoughts: Exploring the Issues That Captivate the Minds of Men
  • The Life God Blesses: Weathering the Storms of Life That Threaten the Soul
  • Restoring Your Spiritual Passion
  • A Resilient Life


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