Warwick Olson, Founder and Director for many years of the Pilgrim communications company, was the Founder of the African Enterprise Board and Ministries in Australia and its office Director, and also initiated African Enterprise United Kingdom in the early eighties. These endeavours brought him and Michael Cassidy into regular contact and deep friendship. Warwick also became for some ten years the Board Chairman of African Enterprise Australia and helped shepherd the African Enterprise International Partnership through numbers of bumpy passages, particularly when African Enterprise East Africa and African Enterprise South Africa looked like falling apart and going their separate ways at one stage. “Like Lincoln”, said Michael, “Warwick saved the union.” When Michael was International Team Leader Warwick always had sound counsel for him and endless encouragement. In the five decades of African Enterprise’s history Warwick would rank within the top dozen major strategic contributors. Michael also always appreciated the way his wife Maureen supported Warwick so unequivocally in his African Enterprise work.

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