Michael Cassidy and African Enterprise have always had a passion to reach leaders. It is the nature of leaders to influence many others, be it on a political or social level, nationally or locally. The way in which a leader leads his or her people makes a huge difference on the population. If leaders are Bible-believing Christians, they have a great capacity to better the lives of those under their authority or influence.

This is why African Enterprise has embarked on many leadership missions. During these missions the political, civic, business, and social leaders of a nation are addressed. The purpose of these missions is not to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel message, but to reach the strategic and high-profile leaders of a community, especially of countries. Applying the method of stratified evangelism to this audience means African Enterprise brings leaders together in homogenous groups. For example, political leaders meet in one meeting, leading businessmen and -women in another meeting, and leading figures in the media in a third meeting. This allows evangelists to relate the Gospel powerfully to the world of each specific audience: for example, a well-known Christian sportsman could be asked to speak to a meeting of sportsmen and –women.

Leadership missions have the potential to change nations as leaders accept Christ. The effect trickles down on society, bringing justice and the Gospel message to an entire nation.