Gathering huge numbers of people into a single venue to hear the Gospel may feel too superficial for some, but it has proven to be a very effective way of drawing people into the Kingdom. And Jesus used it as a tool to reach large numbers of people, as did Paul.

Many church groups see the itinerant preacher as a gifted partner provided by God to encourage, enhance and grow their local ministry. For many it is seen as an excellent opportunity to draw newly converted people into their churches, as well as equip their church members who are trained as participants in counselling, worship and follow-up discipleship.African Enterprise sees its relationship to the Church as serving in this way. The team have never moved into a city to minister without a firm invitation from a good proportion of the local ministers and pastors.

African Enterprise also adopted a method of reaching cities by means of stratified evangelism, which sought to address the citizens of a city in hundreds of smaller meetings targeting specific demographic strata. These meetings would be gathered according to gender, occupation or age group. For example, people in hospitals and prisons, or schools and universities, businessmen and political leaders, are reached in ways that are relevant to them specifically.

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