Christianity For the Open-Minded

By Michael Cassidy

Michael Cassidy’s largest-selling publication, with more than 175 000 copies in print worldwide, this 46-page booklet tackles the most common questions doubters have about the Christian faith. Michael’s characteristically winsome and persuasive style will help those seeking answers – about the origins of the universe and of mankind, or wondering about the problem of evil, or struggling with the uniqueness and divinity of Jesus Christ, or harbouring scepticism about the reliability of the Bible – to find helpful, convincing and brief responses in this small-format volume.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from a concise summary of the trustworthiness and reliability of Christianity, this booklet is a time-tested and highly cost-effective tool which has helped hundreds of thousands to come to faith in Jesus Christ, or to find a more solid footing in the faith they already have.