Facing the New Challenges

Edited by Michael Cassidy and Verlinden Luc

Facing the New Challenges is a compilation of papers presented at the Pan African Christian Leaders Assembly (PACLA) held in Nairobi in December, 1976. Edited by Michael Cassidy and Verlinden Luc, the papers include a wide range of subjects which makes it a valuable handbook for lecturers and students as well as for all people involved in Christian work in Africa. Reading through these pages one becomes aware of the intense struggle by Christian leaders, laymen and theologians, in grappling with the problems facing the church in Africa. Papers from John Stott, John Mbiti, David Bosch and many others.

“This book deserves a place on the shelves of every theological library in and also outside South Africa. But not only in libraries – every minister in Africa should have this book as an indispensable reference work and a guide-book for the promotion of the cause of the Gospel in Africa.”- Nico Smith